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Small complete rice milling plant

The small complete rice milling plant which developed by DOING company can produce high-quality rice. The daily processing capacity is about 20 tons. It has blowing device, bran and husk can be separated and collected directly. This small complete rice milling plant has reasonable in structure, stable performance with high efficiency, also conveninent to maintain and easy on operation. The output rice is very clean and bright, rice temperature is low, the broken rice rate is low. It is widely use in small and medium-sized rice processing plant .

The video shows the small complete rice milling plant working process:

The complete small rice milling plant is a comprehensive equipment for rice processing. The machine can do all the rice processing work, the matching cleaning screen cleans the grain, removes the stone and other particles in the grain by the stone machine, the shelling of the rice by the grain dryer, the separation of the rice husk by the coarse separation of the grain, and the withered grain. Then, it is whitened by a sand roller rice machine. The sand roller rice milling plant can be used in series or in parallel with other machines during the rice milling process, and the long sand roller makes the rice whitening more uniform. The milled rice is graded by white rice sieving sieve, and the difference of the size of the rice granules is used to continuously screen through the sieve plates of different pore diameters to separate whole rice, general rice, large broken rice and small broken rice to achieve the effect of white rice grading. The rice rice sorting machine used in the small complete rice milling plant has good mechanical properties, good process performance and obvious classification effect, and is the best choice in the modern milling enterprise screening and finishing process. After that, the rice is polished, the polishing effect is remarkable, the rice surface is smooth and clean, and the broken rice is less, which can meet the different production needs of the user. The polished rice can be screened according to the color of the particles using a color sorter, which makes the finished rice color better, the level is better, and the economic benefit is better. At this point, rice can be packaged directly on the production line via electronic packaging scales.

complete rice milling plant

Complete rice milling plant

The features of small complete rice milling plant:

1. This small complete rice milling line can be used to process both long-grain rice and short-grain rice(round rice), suitable to produce both white rice and parboiled rice, high output rate, low broken rate;

2. Multi-pass rice whiteners will bring high precision rice, more suitable for commercial rice;

3. Equipped with pre-cleaner, oscilating cleaner and de-stoner, more fruitful on impurities and stones removing.

4. Equipped with rice polisher, can make the rice more shining and glossy;

5.It use negative pressure to remove dust, collect husk and bran, effectual and environmentally-friendly.

6. Having prefect technological flow and complete devices for cleaning, stone removing, husking, rice milling, white rice grading, polishing, color sorting, automatic weighing and packing.

7. Having high automation degree and realizing continuous automatic operation from paddy feeding to finished rice packing.

8. Having various matching specifications and processing capacities to meeting the requirements of different users.

rice mill equipment

Doing Company's rice mill

Doing Company is a professional rice milling machinery manufacturing enterprise. According to the development of China's rice industry, the Doing company has summarized and absorbed advanced processing technology. Backed by strong R&D strength, the company continues to innovate and independently develop advanced complete set rice mill machine and single devices of rice mill process, which has won wide acclaim from customers.The single-machine varieties of rice milling plant developed and manufactured by our company cover paddy cleaning series, de-stone machine series, gravity paddy separation sieve series, rice grader series, rice whitening machine series, bucket elevator, as well as rice polishing machine and color sorter. To meet the needs of different customers, supply and install Nissan 15T-200T/D series of complete rice milling plant.

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