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Mini rice milling machine

Automatic mini rice milling machine is the process that helps in removal of husks and bran's from paddy grain to produce polished rice. compact structure, convenient operation, small occupation area, low power consumption, short manufacturing process, high work efficiency, reduce the cost of grain processing, mini rice mill is an automatic rice processing combined rice milling machine.

mini rice milling machine

Mini rice milling machine

DOING factory manufactured and supplied mini rice milling machine production capacity is 1000-1200kg/h, its the most ideal paddy processing equipment for grain distributing station, the mountainous area, farm as well as self-employees. And its worth to tell you this machine is easily to install and maintain, you can install it yourself, Doing Company will send the installation instructions and operating instructions together with this mini rice milling machine to you.

mini rice milling machineMini rice milling machine after installation

Below is this mini rice milling machine working video:

The mini rice milling machine working process: rice mill first pours the rice into the hopper during work, and idling for about 5 minutes, then slowly pull the baffle open to adjust the flow rate, just fix the baffle, then the rice paddy feed inlet enters the mini rice milling machine and advances along the axial direction under the action of the screw propeller. The pressure of the rice pressure is generated by the resistance of the outlet pressure gate, and under the action of the drum, the skin is rubbed and peeled, and the rice grain reaches the required precision. It can be packaged by the outlet of the rice outlet. At the same time, the high-pressure wind generated by the air blower is sprayed into the rice milling chamber through the inner hole of the spindle, and the rice bran enters the bucket with the wind, and the mill is used to grind the bran, then the rice husk and rice bran are smashed together into a collecting bag, and at the same time some of the heat generated during the whitening process is taken away, and the whitening effect of the rice is enhanced.

rice milling mcahine

Rice milling machine function

Automatic mini rice milling machine is compact and reasonable, automatic rice milling line is convenient to operate and maintain, saving workshop space, the installation can be based on steel framed operation platform or concrete flatbed according to customers requirepment. This mini rice milling machine is combined with bucket elevators, vibration cleaner, de-stoner, husker, paddy separator, dust remove, it is practical and eco-friendly, Doing Company supplied mini rice milling machine is good performance of impurities separate and stones removing.

For another, Doing Company also manufacture and supply the rice color sorting machine and packing machine, you can select as your own condition, we can match it according to your needs with factory price. Its worth to tell you the price of this automatic mini rice milling machine is very low cost because its directly supplied by our factory.

automatic rice mill

Mini rice milling machine package

Advantage of DOING mini rice milling machine:

1. Energy-saving and high-efficiency: the rice main machine grinds out the finished rice again and again, low vibration, less broken;

2. Sturdy and durable: casting body, iron roller structure, long service life;

3. Small size, compact structure, reasonable layout, easy to carry and maintain;

4. The rice yield is high, the embryo preservation rate is as high as 80%;

5. Good dustproof, low noise, suitable for on-site operation;

6. Rice once out of rice, the original nutrients of rice are not lost;

7. Doing Company's mini rice milling machine designed with two air ducts, the milled rice is clean, free of impurities, low broken rice rate, high rice yield, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand.

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