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DYNP Rice Polisher

DYNP Rice Polisher is our new double roller rice polishing equipment . The device has two upper and lower polishing chambers, which can be used in series or in parallel. The machine adopts temperature-controlled gas, completely atomized water and special polishing roller structure in series, which can fully and uniformly water the rice during the polishing process, so that the processed rice is crystal clear.It is suitable for the rice milling plant of 140-210T/D.

Technical Parameters:

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
DYNP6000*2 6-9 75-95 2300*1600*2513

DYNP Rice Polisher Characteristics

•  Wide range of application;

•  Easy operation and maintenance;

•  Small vibration,low noise;

•  High efficiency;

•  Double roller;

•  Maximum daily processing capacity;

•  Can be used in parallel or in series connection;

• Advanced technology,solid parts;

•  Durable and safe;

•  Factory direct sales.

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