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DYVS Vertical Roller Rice Mill

DYVS Vertical Roller Rice Mill is the latest equipment that our company developed on the basic of combining the advantages of the current emery roller rice mill and vertical roller rice mill,in order to meet the rice mill plant with 100-150T/D.It can be used alone and by two or more sets to process super finished rice,is a ideal equipment of the modern rice milling plant.

Technical Parameters:

Model DYVS
Air volumn(m3/h) 45-50
Output 4-7
Fost power 45-55
Weight(without motor) 1350

DYVS Vertical Roller Rice Mill Characteristics

•  The surface of the rice is evenly whitened;

•  High rice milled rate;

•  Low broken rice rate,contain less bran;

•  Large processing capacity;

•  More simple and easy process combination;

•  Simple operation and wide range of application;

•  Durable and safe;

•  Cooling and purifying rice;

•  Factory direct sales.

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