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DYSW Emery Roller Rice Mill

DYSW Emery Roller Rice Mill is mainly used for whitening brown rice,which can be used alone or cooperate with other devices.The structure of the machine is mature and stable with advanced technology and better economic effect. The external fan is used for medium-pressure exhaust, and the two ends of the spindle and the feed port make up the wind, which can reduce the temperature of the rice and reduce the broken rice. The rice outlet is made of slab grading and rice bran two-stage separation device, which can be used to cool rice and purify rice.

rice mill

Rice Mill

DYSW Emery Roller Rice Mill Characteristics

•  The surface of the rice is evenly whitened;

•  High rice milled rate;

•  Low broken rice rate,contain less bran;

•  High efficiency;

•  Durable and safe;

•  Cooling and purifying rice;

•  Factory direct sales.

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