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Rice mill machine made in China

Rice is widely planted in almost countries around the world. It is one of the most important staple food, so machines for processing rice have very big market. Rice mill machine made in China is very popular and hot sale because of its competitive price as well as high quality.

We all know, now China's development very fast, the technology of machine design and manufacturing is also developing very fast. The machines made in China are popular and well received around the world. Henan Doing Machinery is located in Henan province, China, which is a professional rice mill machine manufacturer and supplier.

rice mill processDoing Company designed rice mill processing

Rice mill machine made in China mainly includes basic configuration equipment, medium configuration plant and high configuration processing line, which is designed based on clients' different request for capacity and budget. Whether you are looking for machines for small business or large scale processing factory, you can always find what you want here.

mini rice milling machineCombined rice milling machine

For small business starter, we have one combined rice milling machine, which has multiple functions and affordable price. This kind of machine made in China includes all basic process for paddy production, which are paddy cleaning, de-stoning, husking, paddy separating and milling. The machine has advantages of low price and small occupation of area. Capacity of the rice milling plant is 1000kg/h and it's a good choice for those who want to do business but have limited budget.

40tpd rice mill machineMedium rice milling machine

For medium scale business, we advice 20-30t/d or 50-60t/d rice mill machine made in China, which can generate higher quality rice and increase processing capacity. In the medium configuration design, we furnish machines like pre-cleaner, de-stoner, husker, paddy separator, two or three sets of rice miller and rice grader. More than one milling machine makes sure good efficiency of milling as well as reducing broken rice rate.

large rice mill factoryLarge rice mill factory

To meet higher quality requirements for finished rice, especially for those who want to export rice to European countries, we add more advanced machines in the production line to make premium grade rice. The two kinds of machines are polisher machine and color sorter, which is the latest rice mill machine made in China and get high comments from clients. The polisher machine is installed after miller, with spray water inside it can make rice crystal white. Color sorter machine is followed polisher, whose function is to pick out gray or yellow rice by adopting special designed LED light.

Rice mill machine made in China has mature technology and can give you more competitive price. We welcome to your visit to our factory at any time. If you are interested in our machines, please leave your message and we will contact you for further discussion.

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