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DYQL Oscillating Cleaner

DYQL Oscillating Cleaner is a kind of unprocessed grain cleaning equipment. It is mainly used for remove big impurities of the raw rice,such as stem,rope,straw, stones ,etc. This equipment is used for the cleaning of raw grain in grain processing plants and grain warehouses. It has two layers of sieve surface, different screen surfaces can clean all kinds of impurities of different foods. It has a good effect on the cleaning of foods with more impurities, and can also be applied to particle separation in the food and chemical industry.

rice mill machineOscillating cleaner

Technical Parameters:

Model DYQL80 DYQL100 DYQL125 DYQL150 DYQL180 DYQL200 DYQL250
Output(t/h) 4-6 6-10 10-14 12-18 15-25 20-35 25-50
Power(kw) 0.25*2 0.37*2 0.37*2 0.55*2 0.75*2 0.75*2 1.1*2
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 2510*1286*1547 3010*1486*1547 3010*1736*1628 3010*2286*1938 3010*2286*1838 3010*2486*1838 3010*3275*1865
Weight(kg) 600 700 800 900 1200 1500 1800


Oscillating Cleaner Characteristics:

1. Two layer screen;

2. Clean up impurities by vibration;

3. Simple structure,low noise;

4. Easy operation and maintenance;

5. High efficiency,low energy consumption;

6. Durable and reliable;

7. Factory direct sales;

8. Clean all kinds of impurities of different cereals.

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